The Aftermath of Collaborative Events

The past month we spoke quite a bit about collaboration and the associated benefits for the participating businesses. This week we wrap up our series on collaboration by looking forward to what happens after you establish a collaborative relationship with another person or organization.

As I discussed in our last blog post collaborations are more of a long term commitment to keep the other party’s best interests in mind. This does not mean we make all our business decisions based on how our collaborators will respond, participate or benefit from our actions. Rather it is keeping our minds open to how our collaborators could play along with a project or offering.

Not everything we do matches every one of our collaborators, however we look at which collaborators would most benefit from joining us on a specific project or service and invite them to decide if they would like to participate or not. We also consider their perspective, opinions and input regarding the project. Often times a collaborator will provide a key insight that propels a project forward even if they are choosing not to participate in the direct actions of that project.

Our recent work with Tom Zender is a wonderful example of these principles. Together we joined forces and created a wonderful event. The planning and preparation were fun and we each learned much about the others’ business, and business philosophies. The event itself went smoothly and the clients have been reporting their enjoyment and appreciation for the value provided by the event.

However, the post event conversation was just as valuable as any other portion of the process.  We each had a better idea of the other business, and had experienced each other in a live situation. We could make better recommendations of projects that could benefit both businesses. We also offered each other suggestions based on our individual expertise that would not require a collaborative effort but would expand the other business.

There is no question that we will come together again for another project and that in the interim we are able to keep the other’s best interests in mind. We can each feel confident that if something comes along that the other is just perfect for we can recommend and refer them with absolute confidence.

The important part to remember is that collaborations are not “one night stands.” The relationship has to be nurtured. The objective is to serve our collaborator as they are serving us as well. Eventually a deep connection between the businesses will occur.

Then again maybe the opposite will happen. There is always the possibility that collaboration will simply become a joint venture. We shared our perspective of Joint Ventures as one time or short term commitments to share resources and or ideas in order to reach a specific goal. Perhaps you thought a specific project would lead to true collaboration and you found the other party just didn’t match your expectations or desires. If that person or organization isn’t the right match for you than simply bless their journey and call the whole thing a joint venture and move along.

Regardless of the outcome of a collaboration or joint venture the spiritually important thing is to bless everyone involved and Trust that the outcomes was perfect regardless of the appearances. Consider this example; we would have liked to have more participants in our tele-seminar with Tom. We would have liked to have had more of the people that participated fill out the exit survey. However neither of these factors impacted the quality of engagement between us and Tom and more importantly between the presenters and the attendees of the tele-seminar.

The initial exploration of our collaborative relationship with Tom has provided us and those that attended the tele-seminar a deeper and more complete understanding of how spirituality can influence and empower a more profitable and productive work environment.

As part of our collaborative efforts with Tom we are happy to release an mp3 recording of the tele-seminar and the supporting Introspection Guide to anyone that would like to learn more. Simply sign up for the complete Improve Profits and Empower Lives: The Economic Power of a Spiritual Work Environment package by completing the form below. We will send you the Introspection Guide and downloadable access to the entire tele-seminar. There is no pressure and no commitments on your part. All we ask is that you listen to the audio and follow the steps of the Introspection Guide and then decide if we and/or Tom are the right people to help you succeed in this ever changing business environment.


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