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Reaching New Heights

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Ama Dablam

During the past 6 weeks we have explored the 4 Pillars of Spiritual Entrepreneurship and as we approach the conclusion of this series we are being given an opportunity to Reach New Heights.

I can not begin to count the number of times I have been assaulted with the “fact” that more millionaires were made during the Great Depression than in any other time during American History. While all this may be true I think it does each of the spiritual entrepreneurs an extreme disservice. The articles and get rich programs that remind us this “fact” imply that f we simply have liquid capital than there is simply no reason for us not to be a millionaire. As the world wide economy has begun to re-invent itself there have been a wealth of opportunities, however a pile of cash and or a great idea are not enough to propel anyone to the all elusive “Overnight Success” status. Last week we looked at the “Power of a Strong BASE” and this week we look at how the pinnacle of each pillar can provide the platform from which we can “Reach New Heights”.

We must then begin with Character. Earlier in this series I asked if you would rather blaze your own trail or be known as someone that followed the crowd. As we stand today on top of this pillar and look across to the top of the other three pillars; Adaptability, Skills and Focus I believe you will see how we have created the platform that rests on top of all 4 Pillars. Are you ready to blaze a trail into the unknown, into the field of unlimited possibilities, or stay within the confines of what you already know?

Once you commit to the journey of blazing a new trail you will find that Adaptability has its benefits. I truly believe one of the contributing factors to the success of all those depression era millionaires was the ability to adapt to “What Is”. Rather than wallow in the dis-belief of their abilities, character and skills they stayed focused on their ability to adapt their situation into something that would make life work for them, No Matter What.

These pioneers also made use of the Skills they already possessed, or set out to gain new skills that would position them perfectly for the raising tide of innovations and new ideas. During my studies of these men I was often struck by the visionary nature they all exhibited. These men were able to blaze trails where many only saw quicksand. They often were called to develop new ways of Being or Doing what was required in order to move in the direction of their dreams.

Finally our Focus must be on our dreams and our ability to accomplish those dreams. A friend recently reminded me of the dynamic trajectory of an archer’s arrow in flight. The archer never questions the arrow’s ability to fly and the arrow simply flies to where the archer focused his attention. The focus we are being called to bring is an unwavering faith in ourselves and our chosen business. As spiritual entrepreneurs I would also suggest we are being called to focus our efforts on co-creating a world that works for everyone, in whichever ways we can.

Standing on top of the platform supported by the 4 Pillars provides an unrestricted view of the heavens. From up here it is easy to see the unbounded Character, the malleable Adaptability, the forever expanding Skill set and the unwavering Focus necessary to express ourselves as spiritually minded business owners,managers and organizational leaders. Spiritual leadership is about more than understanding these principles; it is about modeling these behaviors in every moment and with every policy, procedure and personal interaction.

At the Inspired Business Center we strive to support Spiritual Entrepreneurs as they move in the direction of their dreams and support a new vision of business and organizational leadership. We understand that each and every organization is a living breathing unique emanation. As such we provide unique solutions for each organization we work with. We invite you to learn more about what we do and who we are by joining us on the third part of a three part Tele-Seminar: The Courage to Hold the Vision. You can learn more about this FREE CALL HERE. We also invite you to experience a no-obligation consultation and learn how you can implement the 4 Pillars of Spiritual Entrepreneurship in your business or organization. Simply CONTACT US for details.

Be sure to join us next week as we conclude this 8 week series and provide some glimpses of what we will be sharing as this year comes to a close and we move into 2011. Make sure you check in with us next week as we put the roof on our organizational structure and explore the next steps in utilizing our Beliefs, Character, Vision, Adaptability, Passion, Skills, Faith and Focus in the creation of an amazingly prosperous business.

Until next week,

Peace and Prosperity


Robert Brzezinski is a member of The Inspired Business Center based in Lakewood Colorado. The Inspired Business Center collaborates with Entrepreneurs and Executives to transform their companies through a balance of practical spirituality, value-centered leadership and consistent profitability. Our team of experts guides clients on a path starting with an articulated, shared stakeholder vision to the results of fulfilling their organization’s purpose, satisfying customers, increasing profit margins and enhancing owner equity. Our approach combines purposeful people, best business practices, and proven systems.

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