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The Productivity Sinkholes: Confusion, Distrust and Fear of Mistakes

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Recent downturns in the economy have led to downsizing, fewer workers doing more and, as a result, drops in productivity.  As employers get busier, they begin to micro-manage and express disappointment at employees’ lack of drive and initiative.  This leads to,… you guessed it,… workers not taking initiative for fear of making mistakes.

Alain Bolea

Alain Bolea of Business Advisors Network is one of our Inspired Business Center’s Collaborators.  In a recent blog Alain says, “One contributing factor is that leaders see the world from a vantage point that others do not have.”  Employees can’t see the big picture and how their role fits in.

Another factor is that under this pressure, leaders tend to find it easier to do the work themselves, so things never get better and often get worse.  (Read the Article Here)

The answer, says Alain, is that leaders need to take the time to communicate.  When everyone understands where the organization is heading, what it stands for and how the team can function effectively under outside pressures, productivity takes off again.

Alain contends “From a greater collective clarity come:

  • Better idea generation
  • More open discussions
  • Better understanding of the need for cooperation and communications
  • More individual engagement into the outcomes and
  • Better implementation.”

In short, Time is used differently.

Alain is a management advisor who helps organizations integrate the necessity of “making money” and the desire to “do the right thing” in terms of sustainability and social responsibility.   Learn more about Alain and the Business Advisors Network at

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