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People, Profits and the GOD Particle

Monday, August 6th, 2012


When I was a little girl, I used to believe that if I covered my eyes  when I was playing hide and seek, nobody could see me.  A naïve perspective, admittedly, but no more naïve than thinking as an adult that the 95 percent of the universe that I can’t see, touch or hear doesn’t exist.

That’s why I think the recent discovery of the Higgs boson, or God Particle by scientists in CERN is so important to us in our business and daily lives.  (for more details on this, see the guest blog by my nuclear engineering husband Jim)

I have been emphasizing for years that our Thoughts are Things, that what we can create in our mind becomes our reality.   Now with this discovery of the Higgs boson, we have a scientific explanation of how matter comes into form and how our very existence is made possible.  So for those of us who need proof that there is a power in the universe greater than we are now we have it!

The next logical question….how do we utilize this new information?  How do we tap into this energy without a 27-km reactor?  By applying Universal Spiritual Principles to our business, we activate the God Particle with prayer, setting intentions and recognizing the oneness of all things.

Our oneness was really brought to our attention with the recent horrific tragedy in Aurora Colorado.  Within moments of learning about it, many of us felt a deep, heart connection, sadness, and a desire to do something to help.  Almost immediately offers of sympathy and support were pouring in from around the globe.

That same oneness is reflected in our business endeavors.  When we put the customer first, honor the contributions of our employees, produce quality goods and work with an attitude of service, we trigger our business Higgs boson. Because everything is connected, when we set positive intentions, focus on our vision and operate from the values that all the stakeholders share, we make a profit. The God Particle unleashes creativity, innovation and results we never thought possible.

So I suggest four steps to “re-connect” to the Higgs boson in our business:

  1.  Begin with yourself first.  Pause, take a breath, quiet the mind and tap into that Universal wisdom that is available to each of us. Then gather your team in a relaxed setting away from the office where you can tap into that wisdom as a group.
  2. Call on the strengths, talents and gifts of each member of the team, get back in touch with the purpose and mission of your organization.
  3. Set the intention for what you want to have happen, engage your stakeholders and develop the strategies and action items to achieve the objectives.
  4. Let it go and let it flow.  Have Faith in the good you have activated and Trust the process that will bring it into form.


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“Each person forms his world from the rich, unlimited substance within him and around him, through his thoughts, emotions, words and actions.”  Catherine Ponder, author of The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.



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Is the God Particle part of your Daily Life?

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

We have heard on the news about all of the excitement regarding the Higgs boson, or “God Particle” coming out of CERN in Switzerland.  CERN is a basic atomic research institute using a 27 KM long accelerator, or “atom smasher”.

But why all of the excitement?  For starters, scientists and mathematicians have for years been coming up with and working with equations that attempt to explain what happened at the very time of the whole of the universe was created – The Big Bang theory, the so called Standard Model of Particle Physics. They had accounted for protons, neutrons, electrons, photons, weak forces, strong forces, all of the things that they had discovered, or identified that make up our very existence and everything we can see in the universe, everything that is except the one thing that made their equations and calculations “work”.

The thing that makes the universe “work” became known as the God Particle.  It is the thing that gives everything “mass”, so we have gravity, the stars and planets can form, the very elements that make up everything including us could form.  None of the other theories equations or research could explain the very existence of mass (or roughly, why does everything have weight)?

Without mass, our universe would just be this huge sea of charged particles floating in a soup of charged energy, without form.  The God Particle gives the universe form, gives us everything we touch, see, hear, our very existence.

But why is this important in our daily lives?  Why would we care what a bunch of scientists in CERN and other basic research centers around the world are doing?

I believe that the discovery of the God Particle can be a metaphor for us in our daily lives, our business operations, how we treat our associates and even our family members.

We can study and learn management theory, organizational methodologies, philosophies, and all of the elements and practices that make companies work profitably, and make our lives work successfully.  We may have studied accounting, business law, and personality types, but what ties this all together?  There would still be something missing that would make our personal and business equation balance.  I believe the thing that makes it all pull together and make sense, is the God Particle or spirituality in our daily lives.  It is the God Particle, our Higgs boson that makes everything work.  It gives “mass” or meaning to our business, our relationships with family and friends.  It looks a lot like love, caring, kindness and respect for everyone.

We would love to hear how you are expressing your unique GOD particle in the workplace and your life. Please share your thoughts and ideas below.



James M. Hines, P.E. is the President of Isolutions Incorporated, Past National President of the American Glovebox Society, and Colorado Section Chairman of the American Nuclear Society. He holds a Masters of Engineering from UCLA.  He is presently a mechanical engineer for Jacobs Engineering.

You can find Jim sharing much of his free time with his wife Marla Riegel.

You are welcome to contact him at




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