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Three Things Humpty Dumpty Wished He Had Known

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011


What happens in that moment in time when something unexpected crashes into your life?  How often does a day go by that we don’t either find ourselves picking up the pieces from our own crash or helping someone we work with, a friend, or family member with their predicament?  Even in that unique day where life is quiet and all seems well, all we have to do is turn on our smartphone, iPad, car radio, or television, to hear in detail about devastating events nation and worldwide.

BUT while it may sound dreary, in actuality there are three successful steps you can take, right now, to change your perspective and ultimately your outcomes.

One:  Realign your perspective

Crashes, by their nature; break things, leave messes, hurt, and change projected plans. Pick up the pieces and before you indiscriminately throw them away, take a moment or two in time to reconsider what else they might be, or be used for. Life isn’t all Humpty Dumpty where after falling off the wall none of the kings horses or men could put him back together again. Life is choices based on perspective. Loss of a customer, new competition, employee churn or manufacturing woes are thinly veiled opportunities to realign your perspective.  You know it – but do you do it?

Two:  Stay in the moment

Crashes push us to our limits—or so we think. Why are we so quick to forget all those fables and stories from our childhood. . . or our Internet pals, that remind us the race goes to the slow and steady, or the story of the tortoise and the hare, or Winston Churchill’s admonition to “never give in,” or the attributed ancient Chinese quote that reminds us to “get up one more time than we fall.” Usually we either fall backwards into the pit of regrets from the past or jettison ourselves into the uncertainty of the future.  Plant your feet, take a deep breath, stand as tall as you can, count to ten while clearing your mind and then make every single one of your senses do their job. What do you see—really see? What are you hearing with total focus, right now?  Now turn both of them off and smell the air like an animal on the hunt.  Use taste and feeling in the same way. Wring this moment out and take everything from it that you were meant to have.

Three: Be accountable to one and only one person — YOU

Crashes tend to make us push the panic button. With panic comes frenetic unfocused energy complete with well intentioned but not well thought out promises to ourselves and others. The visual of people in the freezing waters when the Titanic went down illustrates how brutal the survival instinct can be. As you are picking yourself up from the latest crash, all the while attempting to stay in the present moment and realign your perspective, remember YOU are the most important element in your own success. “Put your own oxygen mask on first.”

As time moves on and you gain strength and perspective with all the internal cravings to be back on your feet if not all the way to the top of the heap, be painfully aware of the promises you make to yourself. And then without fail, or excuses, be true to your word—and yourself first and always.

Makes one wonder what Humpty Dumpty might have been if the rhyme had not been so quick to project a single, bleak outcome, and publish his demise. Now that you know, the world is looking forward to seeing what you do with the pieces after YOUR crash.



Liz Beerman is the author of the recently published book BEACHED available in digital and paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. She has crafted a well thought out, beautifully written parable sharing the lives and challenges of six beached characters. You are invited to gain from their experiences as you face your own life challenges.

You can learn more about Liz at



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