Pillar #4 Faith and Focus

Today we explore the fourth and final pillar of our series. The pillar of Faith and Focus completes the four corners of our structure and is in my opinion the most import pillar for the spiritual entrepreneur. What is faith and how do we use it? It has been said that Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Running on Faith or Focused on something unseen?

Running on Faith or Focused on Something Unseen?

Thus, Faith is in some ways walking from the visible to the invisible. In business we have faith that our products or services will sell. We have faith that someone will not open a shop much like ours on the opposite corner. We have faith that people will spend their money. We have a visible product and we walk into the invisible world of sales and marketing.

Faith takes on many different forms within our company. Our employees must have faith their job will exist tomorrow. Our vendors have faith we will pay our bills on time. Our customers have faith we will continue to provide them with the goods and services they desire. Most importantly we, as owner, executives, and managers must have faith in the economy, local and/or federal governments and the quality of our products. Each of these aspects requires a slightly different form or style of faith.

Ultimately having Faith means we are willing to look beyond the worldly, materialistic view of our life, our business our world, and see something different. We are being called to see the world as we wish it to be rather than what we believe it to be in this moment. How often have you heard someone say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” That statement is the exact opposite of Faith. Faith is knowing that, “When I believe it I will see it.” In today’s economy we are being asked to believe in the recovery in order to see or experience that recovery. If we wait until we see the recovery to believe it is happening we will continue to wallow our way through what appears to be a recession.

This brings us to the aspect of Focus. Our Focus must be on that which we desire to experience as the truth of our life, business, company, or organization. Another wonderful saying is, “What we think about is what we bring about.” If your focus is on how terrible the recession is you will get to experience a terrible recession.

Let’s look at an old business paradigm of the target market. Often as business owners we are told to focus on our target market. While this was once a wonderful concept I believe it represents an old paradigm of business thinking. As Spiritual Entrepreneurs we are being called to support the expansion of a new paradigm. This new paradigm is one in which all transactions are treated as a spiritual experience, regardless of the players definition of spirituality. Take a look at the target market concept from the consumers’ perspective. Would you rather be someone’s target or their ideal customer? No one wants to walk around with a target on their back; however we do want to be someone’s ideal customer. I believe that if I am your ideal customer you will treat me as a valued asset. Would you rather gets used up and thrown away or be an ideal form of support and growth for a company?

Taking a spiritual approach to business serves to reframe every aspect of our perspective, perception and thus experiences. The pillar of Faith and Focus help to complete that reframing of our minds that open our business to an entirely new avenue of attracting customers, fans, supporters, and financiers. At the Inspired Business Center we are teaching business owners, executives and managers how to bring spirituality in to play in their companies and organizations through Faith and Focus.

Hopefully you now have an understanding of the 4 Pillars and how they can serve as the corners stones of a spiritually based business. During the next three weeks we will explore the practical applications and share how these concepts work in conjunction to support your company or organization.

Until then we invite you to become engaged with these concepts by revisiting each the previous blog posts and refreshing your understanding of the 4 Pillars of Spiritual Entrepreneurship. We also ask that you invite your friends to join us in this conversation. Lastly we suggest you submit any questions you may have as comments to this blog post. We will respond to your questions and comments throughout the week in preparation for the next stage in this series. As we move into exploring how to use these concepts our intent is to open a robust conversation with our readers. We would love your participation in this conversation.

Peace and Prosperity


Robert Brzezinski is a member of The Inspired Business Center based in Lakewood Colorado. The Inspired Business Center collaborates with Entrepreneurs and Executives to transform their companies through a balance of practical spirituality, value-centered leadership and consistent profitability. Our team of experts guides clients on a path starting with an articulated, shared stakeholder vision to the results of fulfilling their organization’s purpose, satisfying customers, increasing profit margins and enhancing owner equity. Our approach combines purposeful people, best business practices, and proven systems.

You are welcome to more fully explore “Where Spirituality, Leadership and Profitability Meet” by visiting: http://www.theinspiredbusiness.com

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