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In our last post we looked at how our Beliefs influence and support our Character, as well as how these two aspects of life are the first pillar of spiritual entrepreneurship. This week we turn our focus upon the pillar of Vision and Adaptability. More often than not the business world hears the word vision and immediately jumps to the concept of vision and mission statements. While these aspects of your business are incredibly important and the process we teach will help to create vision and mission statements, we look at vision in a different light. (which is what? – need a sentence here)

Just over 9 years ago I was introduced to the Visioning Process which was developed by Michael Bernard Beckwith of the Agape International Spiritual Center. The process involves entering into a silent, inner conversation with your Higher Power. During the conversation you are able to catch a vision of something greater than you may have ever known for your life and your business. As I approach a decade of practicing the Visioning Process I have been witness to incredible insight, amazing leaps in consciousness and increased material wealth by the individuals and business owners using the process. As a business owner you are being provided with an amazing opportunity to take an “insider’s look” at the future of your business and how that future can benefit both you and humanity.

Using Visioning as a tool can serve your business in both the short and long terms. Many businesses made adjustments to their operations in the past two years, and many of those adjustments did little if anything to advance the company in the direction of their vision. The companies that remained true to their vision, however, are better positioned than ever before to quickly rebound as we enter what we believe to be a “full steam ahead” recovery. Those that reacted to the economic currents are now asking “how do we re-align ourselves with our original vision and mission?” Regardless of the action your business took in the past couple of years now is the time to reclaim and re-energize your vision of your business. At The Inspired Business Center we work with companies of all sizes in re-claiming, re-shaping or simply creating their vision by teaching and facilitating the Visioning Process for Businesses.

The process however is not a one time deal. Once a vision is realized the Visioning Process will inform you of the next greater possibility for your company. It’s here that we reach the pinnacle of the second pillar. Adaptability is incredibly important as the vision evolves and your business grows, and becomes more profitable. Adaptability is not a “do whatever it takes” mentality. Adaptability is process of checking in with the vision and discerning which steps, re-organizations, or changes in operation will move the company closer to the fulfillment of the vision in the current environmental conditions. This is not the time to throw things against the wall and see what sticks. Adaptability is the willingness to consider a different perspective to a situation other than what’s always been done before or what all the experts say you should do in a specific situation.

The Visioning Process is a never-ending affair. Once you begin you could stop at any time, but honestly, I don’t see why you would ever want to. Visioning gives you more to look at, and possibilities to explore. As you begin to implement the vision you’re presented with the opportunity to adapt your business or organization to meet a Higher Power’s perspective of how your company can serve you and humanity at the same time. Adaptability speaks to the opportunity to create something more than your imagination or ideas ever could. I find it refreshing to know that while my business remains mine to lead the vision itself is calling me forward. If I can remain adaptable to the situations of life and the economy as they occur, the vision itself will always be there showing me something I may not have considered. This unique perspective can only come through Visioning and will never let us down. The vision itself continually evolves and shapes itself into the highest and best possibility for the company.

The question becomes if you are willing to allow the Highest Vision of your company to serve you in building a company that is adaptable to the ever shifting world around you? If you allow the vision to guide you I believe you will find more good times in your business regardless of what the rest of the world is doing. You will be positioned to take advantage of the next great economic opportunity rather than being forced to sit on the side lines and wait it out.

If you would like to explore the Highest Vision for your business contact us and we’ll schedule a no obligation cost free consultation with you and look at how we might serve you in discovering the true vision of your business.

Next week we shall continue our exploration of the 4 Pillars by looking at how the pillar of Passion and Skills support the creating on your rock solid business and how you can engage others in the creation of the business you truly desire.


Robert Brzezinski is a member of The Inspired Business Center based in Lakewood Colorado. The Inspired Business Center collaborates with Entrepreneurs and Executives to transform their companies through a balance of practical spirituality, value-centered leadership and consistent profitability. Our team of experts guides clients on a path starting with an articulated, shared stakeholder vision to the results of fulfilling their organization’s purpose, satisfying customers, increasing profit margins and enhancing owner equity. Our approach combines purposeful people, best business practices, and proven systems.

You are welcome to more fully explore “Where Spirituality, Leadership and Profitability Meet” by visiting: http://www.theinspiredbusiness.com

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