Did You Let that Moment of Intuition Slip Away?

It happens out of nowhere. Like a shooting star screaming across the night sky. First it’s there and then it’s gone. Intuition can be slippery. You know it works, you know it’s close and you still cannot predict when it will happen. Then it strikes and you’re only concern is remembering, recording, capturing that momentary flash of creative inspiration. It is the adrenaline of that creative moment, the moment that says “Aha….now I KNOW.”

It can also be that simple thought that you let slip by without a second thought. The thought that days or sometimes even moments later you think, “I should have listened to myself.” It is that voice that says “I told you so.” And it is the nagging feeling that had you made a different decision you would have had a different result.

Recently I had one of those gut wrenching moments when I thought I should have listened to myself. I was sitting at my computer and had one of those flash in the mind thoughts. It said, “my wife’s external hard drive is a few months overdue for a major backup. I should get to that sometime soon.” Surely enough within a couple of days my wife reports to me that her hard drive just isn’t working. I’m sure you know what happens next.

As a kid I clearly remember how the popular culture and media portrayed what we knew as “Women’s Intuition.” It was many years later that I discovered you could develop your intuitive skills and have it become your nature and even an asset. Allowing yourself to listen to your intuition can be an incredible boost to your business. Training your intuition can be even more valuable to your long term success. Developing a culture where listening to one’s intuition is as important as their ability to produce things is part of the evolution of spirituality in the workplace.

Allowing everyone in the organization the freedom of listening to their inner wisdom and guidance leads to a self empowered workforce, a workforce that is happy to come to work, that feels they are making a difference regardless of their job assignments. Keep in mind we are not suggesting you start sitting around waiting to catch a bolt of creative lightening, or wallowing in the thoughts of “Oh…. if we had only”. We believe in bringing our focus and attention to the moment itself. By nurturing a culture of intuition we know how to catch the lightening once we see it and how to hear the still small voice within when it begins to whisper about backing up our data or taking another look at the numbers after the new bookkeeper finishes their work.

Once you invest some time and effort into the development of your professional intuition and encouraging your employees to do the same you will find you rarely are concerned about the past or worried about the future. You come to a place of trust and confidence in your company’s ability to respond to the market, ask the right question, listen for guidance and wisdom and most importantly make great decisions.

Getting to that place is obviously not an overnight type of change. Nurturing this type of culture takes time and consistent effort. Getting to the end result takes cooperation and community support. There are no shortcuts, but there are some best practices and here at The Inspired Business Center we know exactly how to serve a group of committed individuals in creating just such a culture. We would be happy to discuss some quick start ideas or more in depth solutions you can implement within your business right away. Simply give us a call and we’ll schedule complimentary 30 minute session to discuss what’s possible.

Whatever you do when intuition strikes, make sure you don’t let it pass you by.

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Robert Brzezinski is an expert team member of The Inspired Business Center based in Lakewood Colorado. The Inspired Business Center collaborates with Entrepreneurs and Executives to transform their companies through a balance of practical spirituality, value-centered leadership and consistent profitability. Our team of experts guides clients on a path starting with an articulated, shared stakeholder vision to the results of fulfilling their organization’s purpose, satisfying customers, increasing profit margins and enhancing owner equity. Our approach combines purposeful people, best business practices, and proven systems. You are welcome to more fully explore “Where Spirituality, Leadership and Profitability Meet” by visiting: http://www.theinspiredbusiness.com



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