Are you going Back to School this year?

Yes the season is upon us. No not the holiday shopping season. The “Back to School” season is here and each of us gets to experience this season in a unique way. It is that time when most stay at home mothers rejoice, when some children look forward to returning to school and others lament the end of their summer vacation. It is the season of shopping for clothes and supplies, looking forward to rekindling friendships and meeting new friends as well. For some this may simply be a time to pull out the credit card and allow our children to shop until they drop. Others may get to experience a cross country road trip with their college aged child. Regardless of how you get to experience this season I trust you are being reminded of the value and excitement associated with education.

Each one of us has the power to either enjoy our educational opportunities or wallow in a sea of loathing. As adult business owners, managers, supervisors or entrepreneurs we are each presented with the opportunity to participate in continuing education. Perhaps your industry requires you engage in a specific number of CEUs (Continuing Education Units) every year or two. Perhaps you have chosen to sharpen your skills and make yourself more marketable by returning to college or finally getting that Masters degree you have always dreamed of. Perhaps your employer requires you to take specific trainings that serve you in completing your job more effective or effectively. Ultimately how we approach these educational opportunities can determine what value we receive from our time investment.

One of the keys to adult education is engagement. Training classes provide opportunity to engage with either new team members or deepen the bonds between existing team mates. They can also provide a valuable forum for employees to share ideas and or concerns regarding the future of your company. Whether you’re training on a new product offering, helping employees understand a new set of policies or just creating a team building exercise there are several aspects that must be considered prior to implementation of the training. During the recent economic shift many companies have cut back on their training staff and training opportunities.  At The Inspired Business Center we believe now is the time to focus on attitudinal trainings that help to maintain your staff’s morale and foster a collaborative workplace. Using training time to help foster a culture of inclusivity, creative and sharing will serve the entire organization in various ways.

During this Back to School season consider how you can re-energize your organization by catching the school bus of continuing education. Perhaps companywide training is in order or maybe something a little more specific is necessary. Ask yourself how you as a leader could engage yourself with a new technology, a new perspective or simply an educational retreat. Think about attending a two or three day workshop or perhaps a multi-week night class that looks at something which may appear to be completely unrelated to your organizations mission and vision. I have found nuggets of pure gold hidden within classes I thought had very little to do with my career. Great leaders and teachers can always inspire us to greatness and more effective ways of engaging with our co-workers and employees. Have you always wanted to learn how to meditate more effectively? Perhaps a class in Tai-Chi has been calling to you, or a pottery class. Not all classes have to be on effective database management or accounting principles for the mathematically challenged. While these topics maybe useful, what we consider fun classes can also be valuable to the long term health of you and your organization.

Going Back to School can appear to be a challenge for career minded leaders or perhaps a chore you would simply rather not consider. However, we have found ways to make your learning experience fun and profitable. Next week we will share specific examples and opportunities to engage yourself and your employees with fun, effective and motivating trainings. If you would like to learn more right now simply call us and we’ll schedule a no cost 30 minute consultation designed to explore how you and your employees can go Back to School in style with ease and create more profit during the process.

We invite you to explore how continuing education can be a valuable asset for your organization rather than a morale shrinking chore. Isn’t it time everyone had more fun at work learning how to make your business a better place to work, and more profitable as well?

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Robert Brzezinski is an expert team member of The Inspired Business Center based in Lakewood Colorado. The Inspired Business Center collaborates with Entrepreneurs and Executives to transform their companies through a balance of practical spirituality, value-centered leadership and consistent profitability. Our team of experts guides clients on a path starting with an articulated, shared stakeholder vision to the results of fulfilling their organization’s purpose, satisfying customers, increasing profit margins and enhancing owner equity. Our approach combines purposeful people, best business practices, and proven systems. You are welcome to more fully explore “Where Spirituality, Leadership and Profitability Meet” by visiting:

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