No Resolutions this Year!

You’re off the hook!  No need to make any resolutions.  We know they don’t often work and just make us miserable for a few days while we starve on carrots and hurt from taking up exercise too vigorously.  The reason resolutions don’t work is that they’re based on negativity, on thinking about what we don’t want, and, even though we may say we’re focusing on a “healthier body” or business growth, the view is still on the amount of weight or the lack of revenues.

We can continue to be driven by the fear that something we don’t want will happen if we don’t take action, or we can put our energy and focus on our dreams, what we want to create in our lives and our businesses in the new year.  The choice:  pushed by fear, or driven by passion and mission.

In 2008 when my husband and I were on a safari in Tanzania, we met a young camp manager named Elibariki Shammy.  Shammy had just completed his bachelor’s degree and dreamed of graduate school.  He originally had a scholarship for a program in the states, but decided to remain in his country while his new wife Stella completed her degree and they enjoyed their first child, Destiny.  We have become wonderful friends and I am inspired by his drive and determination.

Shammy and Stella

Against significant odds, Shammy worked extra jobs, and secured the grants and scholarships to complete his dissertation and receive his master’s degree from the university in DAR ES-SALAAM in October.  He is now working as the NTBs Project Country Coordinator, with the. Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture & Trademark East Africa.

During his journey he once emailed me this thought:   “I think an important capital that young men need the most in these times is a positive mind. There is no way one can excel in this elementary world without having conquered the negativity.”

Now he is putting his energy and vision toward an even bigger dream…  He has purchased some land near his family in Arusha, TZ where he plans to raise funds and build a school to help his neighbors afford quality education   He shares, “ It could start from nursery school, then primary and finally secondary school. These are just the thoughts in our minds and we are still thinking at how we could go about them. I have come to realize that most of the good things that happen in my life start by a mere thought, this is to say it is hard to have  any material thing without first conceiving it in our minds.”

We can learn a lot about powerful intentions from Shammy:

  • Overcome negativity, and release or forgive whatever is getting in the way of your moving forward.
  • Be grateful for what you have and continue to build from where you are now.
  • Have a clear picture in the present tense of what you want.
  • Make the dream big enough to include the good for others.

In January, The Inspired Business Center is launching a 21 Day Masterful Intentions Success Process. Our intention is to deliver a cost effective way to explore what we teach. This program is fun, interactive, and easy to follow. Each day for 21 days, you will experience various aspects of the overall Masterful Intentions philosophy. Everything we do will be archived so that you can participate whenever and however best suits your style of interaction. Once the 21 days are complete, you will have immersed yourself in the Masterful Intentions Process and seeing the results!

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Happy Holidays and Blessings for an amazing and prosperous New Year!

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