4 Pillars Guest Post by Rev. Margaret Shepherd

During our recent 8 week series on “The 4 Pillars of Spiritual Entrepreneurship” We were contacted by Rev. Margaret Shepherd of the Visionbuilders Institute. Her ideas and insights around the topic of Vision are so compelling we asked, and she graciously agreed to write an exclusive guest post for us. This week we are pleased to share with you her blog post on how Vision can support and serve your business or organization. We believe you will find this article not only informative, but inspirational as well. As always you are welcome to share your comments and questions below.

Pillar #2 – VISION

Rev Margaret Sheperd

Rev. Margaret Shepherd

Vision is the base of the Second Pillar of Spiritual Entrepreneurship, as Robert shared in an earlier post. The topic of vision is an exciting one for me, since my daily work is teaching organizations and individuals how to succeed by building a vision.

Increasing your business success means increasing your personal power – and the right vision does that like nothing else. Think of the most powerful, successful people you know. Wouldn’t you consider them visionaries? Let’s explore how you can claim your own visionary success.

Let’s start with the “Visionbuilders” definition of vision, and what it means:

“A VISION is a spiritually inspired imagined ideal experience you want more than you fear change”.

  • Spiritually inspired: when a vision is discovered through inner stillness – instead of brainstorming or logic or as an avoidance of an unwanted state – the discovered vision is the real deal.
  • Imagined: a vision is creative, something that hasn’t existed before, living in imagination before taking form. Human evolution exists because of visions.
  • Ideal: a vision is a stretch beyond what seems logically possible, an over-the-top dream.
  • Experience: a vision isn’t a goal or an intention but an experience you want to live in.
  • You want more than you fear change: ah, there’s the big challenge.  We are naturally hardwired for success, yet we are also naturally hardwired to fear threats.  It’s easy to get confused and feel the same fear response to an imagined threat of failure, change or intimacy as we would to a sabre tooth tiger at the door of our cave!

Now that you know what a vision is and that it is your ticket to success, where and how do you find one? Just as Robert notes, it’s a “silent, inner” process. There is a part of you – as an individual or team – that knows the right vision for right now. Revealing that vision is simple if you follow one rule – STILLNESS.  I don’t mean just quiet or inactive, I mean a still mind, still enough that it opens to profound wisdom, clarity and guidance otherwise unavailable. You’ll know when you’re there because of a deep feeling of peace, well-being and safety.

I’ve successfully led some really left-brain, hard-nosed, non-contemplative people in the VISION DISCOVERY process.  They soon become so good at it and get such excellent results you would think it was magic. But it’s not. It’s the most natural thing in the world to focus inward, connect with your highest self and listen to its wisdom.

How does vision empower your business? It is nothing less than your brand, your guiding direction, your criteria for decisions, your inspiration and your strength.  It is your economy of resources and your peace of mind. It is your team-builder and your best corporate culture. The deeper your devotion to your vision, the greater it’s benefits.

In the “Visionbuilders” work, we encourage not only an overall corporate vision, but a vision for any important aspect of your business. A vision of ideal clients or customers, for example, or a vision for the financial management of the organization, or a vision for your role in your industry.

Let me share a personal example with you. My husband and I own apartments, a business that grew from vision.  Our overall vision is “Our tenants experience their highest ideal of home, and anyone in any way involved with our properties thrives and prospers.” We see this vision in our mind’s eye, and it is our criterion for all decisions about the apartments.  Supporting visions have evolved and been made real over time – a renovation project, a change in management companies, and annual profit margins. We have consistently succeeded with our vision – regardless of the larger economy, demographics or any outside circumstances.  Don’t miss this important point: If you do your part, vision finds its own fulfillment.

Sounds easy right?  Well, yeah, until you get stuck and don’t know why.  Here’s what I’ve learned from my personal visionbuilding successes and failures and those of my clients. No matter how inspiring your business vision, if your corporate mindset, actions and structure don’t support it, it will stay suspended in the ethers – a phantom taunting you with unfulfilled promises.

It’s easy to see that you have to move your feet to make your vision real, but harder to know the right dance steps. Can you guess where to turn for further insights and guidance?  STILLNESS!  The vision itself, and the clarity, guidance and insights you need are the domain of the intuitive mind. That’s where the dance steps are.  But then it’s time to get out there on the dance floor and move your feet. Because I’ve learned that successful visionbuilding means inner directed action, I teach a set of stillness-based skills and action skills. When you support your vision with strategy, standards, systems, and structure guess what’s automatic? Visionary success.

As every Spiritual Entrepreneur knows, when one of us wins, we all win. I’m so excited for your visionary success – for your business to be serving, blessing and thriving in a bigger way. Shine on!

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Margaret Shepherd brings Vision to life. Her Visionbuilders program teaches the inner and outer skills that build a Vision for your company, your career or your cause. An ordained New Thought minister with an MBA, she is accomplished in organizational and leadership development, success coaching, speaking and training. A published author, her free weekly message “T.G.I.M. – Thank God It’s Monday” inspires the workweek of thousands every Monday morning.
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    Thanks! I sure wish more of corporate America (AND our government) ran on the vision that "when one of us wins, we all win!"

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