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Remembering Paris

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

My husband and I sat in front of the TV Friday night watching in horror as gunmen were killing people on the streets of Paris.  Our hearts were breaking as we joined with others of all faiths around the world in prayer.

A few days later as the scene plays out across the globe, and world leaders plan initiatives, I ask, “What can I do right where I am in Colorado as meaningful remembrance?

I have decided to go within for some answers, and I invite you on my journey in your own heart, in your own organization.

For the next week, let’s each be more aware of our thoughts and reactions when things don’t go our way.  When do we flare up in anger and judgment? Where’s that coming from?  Emotions are very human, but our reaction can be more humane. Let’s center, think it through before we blast off an email in all caps, or shoot down a suggestion at the staff meeting.  How can we collaborate on a better solution or realign with our values to find the answer?

Let’s try to understand a different point of view.  What is our team member trying to tell us about how the project can move forward?  How is someone from a different generation thinking about the issue?  Who can we sit down with for coffee to learn what’s behind the passion they bring to their work?

We can be thankful and really mean it.  Express gratitude for the vendor who helped meet a customer deadline, and for a co-worker who’s taken the time to get the information to complete a report.  Bless the person who refills the coffee maker, makes sure there’s toilet paper in the bathroom and answers the phone when no one else is available; those little things that make our lives easier.

Thanks in advance for joining me.  With prayer, mindfulness, understanding and gratitude we can each make a difference right where we are and that’s how lasting peace begins.  Blessings, Marla

PS  I welcome your thoughts and ideas.

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