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Peyton Manning as a Business Model

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

As the entire country gears up for the Super Bowl with all the excitement, anticipation and buying new home theater systems, business owners should also be studying what Peyton is teaching us all about intentional success.

What is it about what he’s accomplished that fascinates us?  In addition to being a great athlete and quarterback, he is a genuinely authentic human being.  He is humble, gives back generously to his community, and enjoys a rich private life with wife and twins.

What makes him such a great model for business leaders?  He demonstrates nearly superhuman proof that holding a vision for his entire life is paying off.  Growing up in a prominent football family probably shaped his vision.  But his biographies show he set the intention at a very early age to be a quarterback and the essence of what his life would be like if he achieved it.  I’m sure he had mental pictures of his name on trophies and in the headlines.  But he also envisioned leading an entire team to victory and the joy it would bring the fans.

Peyton stayed focused on doing whatever it took to make his dream come true, expected excellence from himself and others, and demonstrated an unparalleled work ethic . Peyton has overcome defeats and injuries, enjoyed the wins yet remained flexible on the outcomes. Losses were an opportunity to learn, make new calls and get back on the field.

Peyton has exceptional leadership qualities.  He inspires teammates and fans alike with both deeds and words.  .He knows the strengths and talents of each player as he calls his own plays. Have you ever seen a sports interview where he didn’t acknowledge the efforts of others?  By appreciating and recognizing the contributions of his teammates they respond by doing everything humanly possible to catch his passes and keep him from getting sacked!

As John Elway put it, “He Raises All Boats!”

In summary, the Peyton Manning approach to Intentional Success Teaches Businesses to:
• Create and fully embody a vision
• Enroll others in the vision
• Set clear intentions about what it takes to achieve the vision
• Stay focused on the vision regardless of what’s happening day to day
• Build teams that support the vision
• Amplify the strengths and talents of each member
• Practice, Practice, Practice!
• Celebrate the wins.
• Shout “Omaha” at the end of every meeting


Not having a clear vision can get you “sacked” costing you thousands of dollars, disgruntled employees and sleepless nights.
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