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Are you Connecting Consciously?

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

I just experienced one of those annoying internet modem failures. When the internet went down so did my inter office network and all the devices attached.  It occurred to me that just as we can suddenly be disconnected by technology, we can also be disconnected by day to day business challenges.

Where are you finding a disconnect in your business?  Maybe you’ve lost your passion, or dealing with a difficult employee, or too busy and overwhelmed to think, to plan, to take action?  Those times of feeling separate can make us question what we’re doing, or can cause us to be discouraged.

When we feel a disconnect in our business, the simplest fix is not to run to the computer store, but to go within.  To reconnect with our higher wisdom self, and to what is truly meaningful and important to us.  We can get back to center and reclaim our courage and our strengths.  I was amazed to watch the athletes in the Olympics.  Whenever they had a disappointment, they went back to their internal source of strength and got right back in the pool or on the balance beam or gear up for the next race. Only they know how many times they’ve needed to repeat that process to be a competitor in the Olympics!

When we are focused internally, we can connect with a deeper awareness. As business owners and executives, we succeed when inner guidance leads us toward compassionate, thoughtful leadership.

Then we can get back into the action.  We can connect with our management team, our peers and resume the collaboration.  With a renewed outlook we can shift perspective to see what is good and discover what makes best practices more powerful.

We each have immense potential for greatness and the opportunity to lead our businesses to successful outcomes.  As Andrew Cohen put it, “The newly emerging potentials….only come into being to the degree that you and I consciously participate together to develop those higher capacities within ourselves.”

The end game of course is to live life full out.  To be absolutely present in the moment and fully engaged in making a difference!

If it’s time for you to reconnect, I invite you to consider joining one of our Masterful Intentions Business Executive Groups.  They are based on three pillars:  The power of intentions, the exponential results that come from peer group wisdom and a connection with the Divine as a full partner.   To learn more:

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People, Profits and the GOD Particle

Monday, August 6th, 2012


When I was a little girl, I used to believe that if I covered my eyes  when I was playing hide and seek, nobody could see me.  A naïve perspective, admittedly, but no more naïve than thinking as an adult that the 95 percent of the universe that I can’t see, touch or hear doesn’t exist.

That’s why I think the recent discovery of the Higgs boson, or God Particle by scientists in CERN is so important to us in our business and daily lives.  (for more details on this, see the guest blog by my nuclear engineering husband Jim)

I have been emphasizing for years that our Thoughts are Things, that what we can create in our mind becomes our reality.   Now with this discovery of the Higgs boson, we have a scientific explanation of how matter comes into form and how our very existence is made possible.  So for those of us who need proof that there is a power in the universe greater than we are now we have it!

The next logical question….how do we utilize this new information?  How do we tap into this energy without a 27-km reactor?  By applying Universal Spiritual Principles to our business, we activate the God Particle with prayer, setting intentions and recognizing the oneness of all things.

Our oneness was really brought to our attention with the recent horrific tragedy in Aurora Colorado.  Within moments of learning about it, many of us felt a deep, heart connection, sadness, and a desire to do something to help.  Almost immediately offers of sympathy and support were pouring in from around the globe.

That same oneness is reflected in our business endeavors.  When we put the customer first, honor the contributions of our employees, produce quality goods and work with an attitude of service, we trigger our business Higgs boson. Because everything is connected, when we set positive intentions, focus on our vision and operate from the values that all the stakeholders share, we make a profit. The God Particle unleashes creativity, innovation and results we never thought possible.

So I suggest four steps to “re-connect” to the Higgs boson in our business:

  1.  Begin with yourself first.  Pause, take a breath, quiet the mind and tap into that Universal wisdom that is available to each of us. Then gather your team in a relaxed setting away from the office where you can tap into that wisdom as a group.
  2. Call on the strengths, talents and gifts of each member of the team, get back in touch with the purpose and mission of your organization.
  3. Set the intention for what you want to have happen, engage your stakeholders and develop the strategies and action items to achieve the objectives.
  4. Let it go and let it flow.  Have Faith in the good you have activated and Trust the process that will bring it into form.


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“Each person forms his world from the rich, unlimited substance within him and around him, through his thoughts, emotions, words and actions.”  Catherine Ponder, author of The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.



Connect with other business owners and leaders in a six month program where well-set intentions make better leaders, better thinkers and more dynamic decision makers.  Solve current business challenges with Practical Business Applications of Universal Spiritual Principles and get more consistent and positive outcomes.  Learn how you can bring the Power of Masterful Intentions HERE!



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