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Is there a WHY behind your WHAT?

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Perhaps my perspective is different than the general population. Perhaps I look at business, spirituality and profitability differently than the average CEO. Perhaps I am simply annoyed by people pushing their products, ideas, and beliefs down my throat. Perhaps you are like me and would rather do business with conscious companies and individuals that embrace the concept of living in a world that works for everyone.

Please understand here at The Inspired Business Center we do not condemn the companies that use outdated tactics and marketing strategies we simply choose to ignore their message and seek out more socially conscious and active organizations to financially support and partner with.

Not long ago during a planning meeting we began to consider why we do what we do. We started to compile a list and found that we do what we do simply because we love people. Now we also love business; we love the environment; we love collaborating; we love making money; we love serving an emerging paradigm of Spiritual Business practice; we love quite a few things and still the common denominator is that we love people. As we looked at the list we realized there were many more reason why we do what we do than there are things we do or even ways we do what we do.

All this introspection led to a chance encounter with a video from 2009. We had nothing to do with this video, and do we ever wish we had because is shares a simple perspective of how to transform a business from one that pushes itself down the throats of the consumers into one that is poised to truly change the way business is done.

The video was recorded at TedX Pugent Sound in September 2009. In this video Simon Sinek shares a perspective of How Great Leaders Inspire Action. I found the basic premise to be simple and yet incredibly inspiring. Simon asks us to always start from WHY. When you think about it WHY is an incredibly powerful or annoying question. Many teachers will tell you that WHY is an invalid question. Others will remind us that the answer to why is either I don’t know or because. In the business world why can be a powerful question if you have an answer. If you do not have an answer to this simple question now is the time to start considering your why.

Currently we are preparing a new project with our friend and collaborator Tom Zender. Tom’s a great guy and a truly inspirational leader. On a recently planning call we shared the why behind the idea for this project. His enthusiasm and partnership in this program was proof enough that our why would touch more than a few people. By trusting that the reason why we are building this is bigger than what we are building or how it will benefit you the project’s success is ensured.

The truth of business today is that more and more people care about why you do what you do rather than what you’re doing. It is all to common for a company to make a mistake, spill oil, fail to consider the safety of the consumer or just could care less about why you bought their product. These companies want you to believe that what they make is more important than why they make it. They want you to buy their products or services and would rather you do not know why they do what they do.

Spiritually conscious organizations however have flipped that coin and are now asking you to consider their values and beliefs, their why when evaluating who to support with your financial resources. We are asking you the same question. Do you know why your business coach does what they do? Do you know why your accountant or social media consultant is sharing their wisdom with you? Is it all about the bottom line, or is it about creating spiritual transactions?  You can rest assured that here at The Inspired Business Center we do what we do because we love people and we love seeing people accomplish their goals, desires, dreams and visions. We love supporting people as they step up to the entrepreneurial plate, or are seeking ways of creating spiritual environments in their workplace. We love people that are here to lead others through their wisdom and experience. Mostly we love people that want to learn, that want to be part of creating a worlds that truly works for everyone.

We love people so much that we would do what we do even if we didn’t make any money at it. Thankfully we do make money at what we do because people want to do business with a company that understands why they are here. How about you? Do you know your why? Would you like to discover your why? If you answered yes to any of these questions you’re the type of client we love. If you would like to learn more about your why give us a call and we’ll get to know each other and we promise not to sell you on what we do, but rather help you understand why we do what we do.

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