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The Abundant Business Mindset by Robert Brzezinski

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

In my last post I wrote about the Process of Abundance. Today we are going to explore the mindset of an abundant business. We must then begin by talking about scarcity and lack for a minute. Simply put scarcity and lack are not real. They do not exist in an Abundant Universe. If we look to nature for our inspiration we quickly realize there is no scarcity of sand, or grass, or birds, or plants or anything on the planet. Sure there are some locations where there is the appearance of scarcity however whatever aspect we desire is available in absolute abundance on the planet.

Water is the great example. While there are deserts and other areas that we could label as lacking water, human ingenuity can always overcome the appearance of lack. I once visited Death Valley in California. During my childhood I was taught that Death Valley was the most barren place on the planet. There was no water and simply acre upon acre of nothing. On my first visit I was surprised to learn there is actually a small town in the center of Death Valley. Do you know what there primary form of revenue is for this small town? You might think it is water; however water is simply the tool they use to keep the golf course green. Yes there is a lush green golf course 214 feet below sea level and I watched as they watered the grass one morning. While there is an appearance of lack for miles around in this one location there is abundance. So imagine the folks back in 1931, when the course was built, and what would be there today if they had a consciousness of lack and scarcity rather than one of abundance.

We must train ourselves, our employees and our clients to realize there is always an abundance of everything we desire when we hold to the belief that this is an Abundant Universe and that lack and scarcity are not real but simply a man made belief. We can change our beliefs quite easily if we so choose. Here is where we find the fun aspects of developing an Abundant Business Mindset. The primary way of changing our thoughts and thus our experience is simply to affirm the truth rather than the appearances of lack and scarcity. The Universe is abundant always, and in all ways. Finding ways to remind our employees and stakeholders is not always easy however there are an vast array of tools, ideas and resources available to empower a culture of abundant thinking and living. Rather than hanging the posters that motivate, why not print posters that affirm your industry as thriving. Turn the normal staff meetings into an abundance rally. I know the possibilities are endless and once you enroll your staff in building and sharing in a consciousness of abundance they will find a wealth of ways to express abundance.

As we look again at the process of abundance simply remember it all begins with our consciousness, and then we have the opportunity to change our beliefs and perspective. Once you begin changing your perspective you will begin seeing an abundance of ways your consciousness is manifesting as your business. It really is simply. When you believe it you will see it. When you have faith in your beliefs that this is an Abundant Universe and there is nothing that can stop you from experiencing an abundant life, organization and business you will begin to see the manifestation of The Abundant Business Mindset.

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