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The Process of Abundance

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

“I want a more abundant life.” “I want to experience abundance in all aspects of my life.” “I want more abundance.” As a spiritual coach I hear people using these wanting statements everyday. The thing that must be understood is that abundance is not some “thing” we must get in order to be happy, prosperous and well. Abundance is actually a mind set. It is a perspective by which we define the experiences and events of our lives. Our business is much the same. If the culture of your business is one of wanting more of anything, clients, customers, or income streams we are subtly buying into a perspective that abundance is something to get. Today is the day to stop getting and start receiving and the key to receiving is giving.

I also hear the same perspective of wanting from business owners on a daily basis. It amazes me how many business owners will answer the obligatory question; “How is business?” with an ample litany of negative or self limiting beliefs. These types of “Real World” remarks do nothing to activate the Process of Abundance. The Process of Abundance is actually quite simple and as I describe the steps necessary to live an abundant life and operate an abundant business I invite you to look at how you either already are or can implement these ideas. I promise that if you choose to see all the ways these ideas couldn’t work for you or are too woo-woo for your business they simply will not work for you.

Let us then take a look at a simple process of experiencing Abundance in your business. The first step is empowering the collective consciousness of your workforce to experience abundance as the current reality of their life and the business. Many teachers will tell you that all human experience begins with our consciousness. Quantum Physics has been teaching us this for quite some time and slowly business owners have started to realize that uplifting and empowering the collective consciousness of their organization propels their employees and themselves to a place where anything that can be imagined can be made manifest. This is true of our abundance as well. Providing our employees with a way to develop their personal abundance consciousness will spill over into every aspect of the organizations culture and soon everyone will be using prosperous or abundant language. How then do we develop this abundance consciousness? There is an old saying that says you have to “Fake it until you make it.” However most of us including your customers, clients and employees will know when you’re faking it. We have to help people understand that even if they do no see the abundance it is real and present in our lives. There is no faking abundance, either your in the flow or you have adopted the perception of scarcity and lack.

We’ll talk about scarcity and lack in a later post. Right now I would like you to simply reflect on what your business will look like when everyone in the organization is expressing an abundant consciousness. You can take a moment away and close your eyes if you like and simply allow your imagination to inform your awareness. Ok so obviously we can not fake the manifestation of your vision, we can however “Faith it, until we make it.” Yes, simply expressing your faith that your business is successful and on track to become that magnificent vision will help others see that you’re not buying into lack but rather affirming the process of abundance operating as the life of your business.

I invite you to follow this discussion as I will soon share how to create and energize ”The Abundant Business Mindset” in the near future. Today I invite you to click the following link, which will send a blank e-mail, and subscribe to The Inspired Business Newsletter or visit our archives and read some of our past article.

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