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Does your Business have a Vision of Success

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Today’s market place puts great value on the word vision.  Many would not consider your organization a real business if you don’t have a vision statement and most likely a mission statement as well.  I agree that having an idea of an organizations mission and vision is important and I feel the process of crafting those statements is even more important.  Here I will take a detour away from the predominate thoughts on crafting these types of identifying statements.  I have spent hours locked in stuffy conference rooms hammering out the ideal words that can describe exactly what a company doe3s, its products or services values and the values of the owners, managers, employees and anyone in any way associated with the company.  All this work is done in the mind and can only create an ego-based humanistic idea of what will sell the the consumers that consider doing business with the company.  I am suggesting we look at a different way of discerning what these statements want to be.

The way I suggest creating such statements and guiding the evolution of your business is to use the Visioning Process.  The Visioning Process was birthed about thirty years ago and utilizes a blending of prayer and meditation to tap into the highest ideal for a group, organization, or individual’s life.  The process itself is very relaxing and non competitive.  You can create a Visioning group of as many people as you like and follow a simple process to listen to the highest calling of your group.  Visioning allows you to sit in the silence and as Spirit a number of specific questions that will reveal what is being called forth in your business.  the process however is rather counter-intuitive to the normal way of conducting business.  The process itself is a lot like cooking rice.  If you try to rush the process everything gets sticky.  If however you are patient enough to allow the simmer to run its course you get a delicious taste of Spirit.  The process requires us to have patience and let the process run its course.  Throughout the experience of Visioning each participant will receive different impression for each question and after several Visioning each participant will receive different impression for each question and after several Visioning sessions you can compare notes and look for common denominators or themes.  These themes then can be used to inform your decision making process.  All this eventually leads to an understanding of what “want to be done”.

The process can be used to tap into the Diving Guidance concerning any idea, project, product, or service.  The key is to stay with the process and not rush forward to take cation too soon.  How then can this help create the all important mission and vision statements?  Eventually there will be answers to the Visioning questions that simply never go away.  These gems of insight can be the starting point from which you can craft your guiding statemens, common values, and such.  The process itself is not a quick one day event.  It will take time and I assure you the time invested will pay off in a larger way than any brainstorming or discernment process ever could.

The Visioning Process never truly ends.  Once utilized your employees, managers, and leaders will see that continual Visioning leads to continual insights as to the evolution and success of your business.  Facilitation, coaching and support for your exploration of the Visioning Process is available through the Inspired Business Center as is training for your leaders so they may facilitate the process themselves.  If you would like to learn more simply follow this link:

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